About US

About US

Bringing your stories to life. Whether you’re producing a documentary for your NGO or a commercial for your company, Docudon Productions offers, with over 20 years of experience, unparalleled expertise in visual storytelling.

The DocuDon name came from a mixture of “documentary” and “donation, meaning more donations for your organization by use of documentary. Throughout the years this start-up philosophy was more widely interpreted. The core did stay though: our desire to help bring stories that matter to life. We connect with people on a deep level, regardless of background, and help you produce stories that express the joy, passion and deeper meaning of your business and the messages you want to communicate in film.
We deliver the full package: from concept, script and storyboard, to filming, editing and post-production.


The DocuDon philosophy stems from the deep belief that people have important stories to tell, stories that matter, and our job is to bring them to life. We seek the passion people have for their businesses and the work they do. We bring this excitement and enthusiasm into our filmmaking, whether you want to express a love of a useful corporate product, a helpful business service, a live event, crowdfunding support or a documentary. We are there to breathe life into your company’s vision.

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